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We’re hiring!

Lead Capital Group

Inspired Marketing and Sales

Lead Capital Group is a leading sales and marketing company based in Cape Town. We specialise in driving and converting targeted leads to our international client’s online properties in various industries, including global financial services and immigration. We leverage both inbound and outbound lead generation strategies because we recognize that people can now simply avoid marketing they don’t want to see. Rather than trying to gain the attention of those who are not interested, our strategy is to market to prospects we know want to listen. They’ve indicated that they’re interested because they’ve made a search for a relevant term, they’ve opted in to an email campaign, or they’ve generated a lead through a call-to-action. This approach saves time and money as we only put our efforts into reaching people who are already looking for us. It also means that our sales consultants enjoy a high conversion rate as they are contacting targeted leads and do not cold call. We focus on the needs of our clients and pride ourselves on generating new business for them by profitably marketing and selling only to those who want to be marketed to.

About Us

Our company is made up of a dynamic outbound international sales department, a passionate marketing team and determined management who thrive in a workplace filled to the brim with palpable energy. The telemarketing team are a formidable force, driven to succeed through extensive training and supportive management. Though they are all target driven, these account managers have incredible incentives to keep them motivated. Think Apple laptops, the latest Samsung smartphones, exotic trips abroad and spa days, amongst many other cash prizes for the top ranking sales representatives. The marketing team are just the icing on top of the cake, ensuring that multiple marketing channels are optimized to support the telemarketing team and the client’s unique needs. As a team, we are all dedicated to the success of the company, but of course we all still love to have a good time. We regularly enjoy staff parties, exciting trips and social evenings together, adding to the family-vibe that has become part of the company’s ethos.

6 Customer Services

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3 Copywriting & Web development

Telemarketing & Sales

After extensive training, Lead Capital Group employees will join an experienced and well-trained team of international personnel, entering the realm of global marketing, sales and service in a way the South African economy has yet to experience. There is an undeniable energy when you walk through the telemarketing centre. The team has grown in size and strength and is buzzing with enthusiastic team members who are all about the customer and the final sale. B2C telemarketing: We have many customers across the world who are called on a lead-based system. Our agents have been extensively trained to communicate with all types of people from different backgrounds. Conversions: The ultimate goal in our centre is to convert those leads, delivering measurable results to our clients. Quality telemarketing: Good quality telemarketing can drive up conversion rates throughout the sales cycle, from prospect, to marketing qualified lead, to sales qualified lead, to sale. Experienced: Effectively trained, our telemarketing sales people are experienced and knowledgeable in their specific sales pitches. This helps to form a trusting relationship with each and every customer that they contact.


In our marketing department, we are all about creativity and pushing the boundaries of design. We have a wide variety of international clients who want to see results across the online marketing spectrum. From social media all the way through to Google AdWords and SEO, we deliver. Online conversion optimization is a constant, ongoing process. We are always tweaking and looking for new ways to deliver value and drive more traffic


Whether we are writing copy for our websites, blogs, email campaigns or social media messages, we know that online, content is king. We strive to create shareable, dynamic copy that engages our readers and  provides undeniable value.


We believe in creating content that is not only useful, but also beautifully designed. We focus on vibrant graphic design that captures the imagination of the client and the viewer.

PPC & Google AdWords

They say that most of your online traffic comes from advertising, and Google AdWords is the quintessential piece of the puzzle. We have the best minds on this task, ensuring that our clients see a consistent flow of online traffic through AdWords.

Web development

When we have a new project, we pounce on it and hold nothing back. From setting up the website, to designing and creating content, we are a full-service hub of activity.


If your company’s website is not on the front page of your search results, then you have lost most of your prospective clients. We don’t want to just see your company name on the front page, we want to optimize your site to ensure that you are on top.

Social Media Marketing

The rise of social platforms has unlocked a wealth of opportunities to market to highly targeted audiences which we exploit at every given opportunity.

Holistic business growth solutions:

Web development, Marketing and Sales


We’re Hiring!

Are you dedicated to providing high-end customer service? Are you looking to work in a fast paced and well-respected company that values its team members? Are you willing to go the extra mile for your customers, your company, and your community and be compensated for it? You should consider a career with Leads Capital Group. We are constantly innovating and are relentless in our pursuit to be the best. We offer a fun and friendly workplace in an atmosphere where you are encouraged to learn and grow. Whether you are eager to start your career or you are ready for a change we have a great opportunity for you. Check out our current openings!