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In the morning when you walk into the office it’s quiet, the calm before the storm the night shift have left and the floor is empty as the day shifters take their seats to start their day. The music is pumping and the managers are getting their teams ready for the day. Being a salesperson is tough you need to be mentally and physically prepared so this is an important part of everyone’s day at LCG.


The marketing teams are already seated glued to their computers, headphones on and fully focused on the task at hand.


The training groups are slowly trickling in as Jason and Sage take them through their training material and practice simulations.


As soon as the clock strikes 7:30 am the craziness begins. The floor is buzzing and the pumping music becomes background noise as the consultants start to dial.  When they start chatting to customers they don’t see or hear much around them.


As the different shifts take over there is virtually no silence in the office at all as the consultant’s voices radiate and gives the office life.


As the last person leaves at 11:00 pm the floor becomes silent again and we start again tomorrow morning.


The best way to see how things work and feel the vibe is if you come see us for an interview. We look forward to welcoming newcomers to the team at LCG.