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At Lead Capital, we’re all about pushing ourselves to the max. We play hard and work harder because we want to be nothing less than the best.

The BIG spin

The BIG spin

We have a special wheel that only a lucky few get the chance to spin for instant cash, we have seen many consultants spin to win but land on an empty slot. But let’s hope they are all lucky enough to take home some cash.

When our consultants make a sale to a certain value they get the chance to get a spin of the wheel. All of the prizes are cash that they get on the spot, the cash prizes are up to R1 500 in cold hard cash!

Then we get the lucky few that get to spin until they win. We have another incentive involving the wheel. If your team makes their weekly target and you have personally made a certain amount you get a chance to spin until you win.

Money makes the world go round!

Money makes the world go round!

Our main focus being sales, every day is completely different from the day before.

We have a few different incentives to keep our consultants going, the first one is all about the money.

The most important incentive is money! We all know money is KING! The best part about Lead Capital Group is that you can choose how to structure your salary. Firstly as a sales consultant, you choose how much you want to earn every month because it is all dependent on how hard you are going to work and push yourself to reach your target or exceed it. Then you have your basic and commision portions of your salary. You can choose whether to get a lower basic and a higher commission portion, or you can get a higher basic and get a smaller commission portion. So ultimately the choice is your in more ways than one.

A day at the LCG office

A day at the LCG office


In the morning when you walk into the office it’s quiet, the calm before the storm the night shift have left and the floor is empty as the day shifters take their seats to start their day. The music is pumping and the managers are getting their teams ready for the day. Being a salesperson is tough you need to be mentally and physically prepared so this is an important part of everyone’s day at LCG.


The marketing teams are already seated glued to their computers, headphones on and fully focused on the task at hand.


The training groups are slowly trickling in as Jason and Sage take them through their training material and practice simulations.


As soon as the clock strikes 7:30 am the craziness begins. The floor is buzzing and the pumping music becomes background noise as the consultants start to dial.  When they start chatting to customers they don’t see or hear much around them.


As the different shifts take over there is virtually no silence in the office at all as the consultant’s voices radiate and gives the office life.


As the last person leaves at 11:00 pm the floor becomes silent again and we start again tomorrow morning.


The best way to see how things work and feel the vibe is if you come see us for an interview. We look forward to welcoming newcomers to the team at LCG.

Christmas in September

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According to scientific research, employees work more effectively and are more creative and productive when they are happy at work. With our ‘Christmas in September’ incentives, we are sure that our sales people will be clamoring to get their hands on these incredible gadgets! How does the latest XBOX sound? Or a state-of-the-art drone? A shoXmaxi mini speaker? A Dell laptop and much more.

This month we will reward our top sales agents with top of the range gadgets and other fun electronics for their performance.

May the odds be ever in your favour!

Develop an interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music - the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself. Develop an interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music - the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself. (2)




Our offices have recently undergone a major revamp! The colourful design perfectly embodies the vibrant energy and personalities we have here at Lead Capital Group and the slogan inspires us to aspire to rise above our circumstances to succeed.



Up, Up & Away!

Up, Up & Away!

Hard work truly does pay off here at Lead Capital Group. This May month, we awarded two of our leading sales agents with an all-expenses paid trip to Thailand in reward for their best efforts in the past year.

This just goes to show that if you strive for excellence, you’ll be rewarded in kind!

Paintballin’ Like a Boss!

Paintballin’ Like a Boss!


Ever felt like shooting your boss? Well here at Lead Capital, we actually had the chance to do just that! It’s understandable that sometimes you just need to let off some steam and we felt that the standard boring team building exercise just would not cut it – so we went paintballing! It was tons of fun and we also learnt the true meaning of an enduring spirit.

We came. We saw. We conquered.

We came. We saw. We conquered.

Who knew how competitive we all were until we hit our staff event on the 6th November. To celebrate the end of a successful year at Lead Capital Group, we were all treated to a day off at the Simon’s Town Golf Course.
In the summer heat, we were split into 2 teams before the games began.

Sticking to the basics, we all got involved in Tug-of-war, apple bobbing, Simon says, Truth or Dare and a clumsy 3-legged race, before enjoying a braai and a few drinks. The activities ended up with all of our faces covered in powder at the apple bobbing race and half us falling over at the 3-legged race, but it was worth it!

Overall, who knows which team won the events of the day, all we know is that we all got a tan (or sunburn) and that it got us pumped up for the end of the year.

Karaoke – We Gots This!

Karaoke – We Gots This!

We recently had a staff party to start our year off with a bang and it would be a karaoke night that many of us won’t forget. Many people never get to see their bosses in awkward positions, we were that fortunate!

It is an unforgettable moment (more than one) when your bosses do a duet of Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life, you know then that the night is going to be a good one! Karaoke might be an embarrassing experience for some but at Lead Capital we encourage awkwardness and the tone deaf.

We had divas, group acts and back up dancers. We would have put Beyoncé’s tour to shame.

Untitled design (1)

Lunch breaks have never been more competitive!

Lunch breaks have never been more competitive!

We just got ourselves an air hockey table! Now lunchbreaks have moved from our kitchen to our brand new recreation room where there are comfy couches and seriously competitive air hockey games taking place every day.

Our sales and marketing team work hard and there is no better feeling than letting out some steam with a friendly-ish game between colleagues. We do have to warn any newbies that they will need to be able to keep up in air-hockey so prepare yourself!

team work

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Unless stated in the job description, all positions are based in our offices in Century City, Cape Town. If you’re excited about working in a fast-paced environment with fun, enthusiastic and passionate team of professionals dedicated to delivering the highest level of personalized customer service, driven sales and dynamic marketing, contact us today!

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What We Believe

At Lead Capital Group our purpose is to constantly push the envelope, expand and develop. We do not believe in standing still but in taking action and getting results. To ensure we are doing all we can to deliver on our purpose we live and breathe our core convictions:


We only offer products and services that provide tangible value to our clients.


We hire and develop for the 4P’s: live with purpose, be professional, stay positive, and work passionately.


We continuously improve: products, people, processes, partners, and performance.