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Who knew how competitive we all were until we hit our staff event on the 6th November. To celebrate the end of a successful year at Lead Capital Group, we were all treated to a day off at the Simon’s Town Golf Course.
In the summer heat, we were split into 2 teams before the games began.

Sticking to the basics, we all got involved in Tug-of-war, apple bobbing, Simon says, Truth or Dare and a clumsy 3-legged race, before enjoying a braai and a few drinks. The activities ended up with all of our faces covered in powder at the apple bobbing race and half us falling over at the 3-legged race, but it was worth it!

Overall, who knows which team won the events of the day, all we know is that we all got a tan (or sunburn) and that it got us pumped up for the end of the year.